Mahina Swimwear’s Summer Nostalgia 2021 Collection is inspired by the groovy and vibrant retro vibes of the '60's Endless Summer while incorporating an element of duality with natural tones for the ‘au naturel’ kind of girl.


daydream 2021

The Mahina Swimwear's Daydream Collection is inspired for the moments when you go-to your happy place, whether it be by the beach, beside a pool, or lounging on a grassy field (social distancing of-course) daydreaming about your wildest dreams while wearing your Mahina Swimwear bikini and accessories.


Within 2020

Mahina Swimwear’s Within 2020 Collection is inspired by bold designs that truly accentuate the features of your body. Introducing our new buttery-soft ribbed material and thick fabrics that hug your curves in all the right places! Turn heads with these flattering cut bikinis and versatile designs!


Into The Wild 2019

Mahina Swimwear’s Into The Wild 2019 Collection is inspired by and for the adventurous soul. Featuring flattering and effortless styles in many different prints and tones. Each bikini is curated with the highest quality of materials and designed to accentuate every body shape so that every girl wearing a Mahina Swimwear bikini can feel beautiful and confident in her own skin.


La Mer 2018

Mahina Swimwear's La Mer 2018 Collection is inspired by the laid-back beach lifestyle. The color palette reflects the natural colors of nature and the ocean while made in high-quality materials handmade by real local women. A collection that's both ethically made and made with the highest of care.