SS19 Into The Wild Show

[Top from left to right]  Emily Brown (@embrownee_), Ellie Porter (@chupicabra), Stephanie Wong (@keepingfingerscrossed), Hayley Maxfield (@hayleytothemax), Jeanette Shock (@jeanette.shock), Sidnie Anthony (@sidnieanth), Janna Torontali (@jannatorontali), Kyla Kramer (@official_kylakramer), Carolina Samani (@carolina_samani), Emily LaCour (@eeemnm), Ashlund Gardner (@ashlundgardner), Riley Weech (@rileyweech), Bella Dunn (@bellaisadone)
[Bottom from left to right]   Azsae Jones (@azsaeseimone), Ivy Zawatsky (@ivyzawatsky), Sarah Rogers (@sarahashleyrogers), Dae Mongcupa (@alohadae), Taylor Miller (@taylor_miller596), Sandy Drezner (@sandydrezner), Logan Reese (@loganreesee)

SS19 Into The Wild Show

      Having my own fashion show has always been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. One of my earliest memories was when my mother
got me my first Barbie doll and I would sketch out designs and sew her outfits that I would make out of my old clothes. Afterward, I would be so excited to finally put on the outfits on her and then have her cascading up and down a makeshift runway. That was one of my earliest memories that has catapulted me to where I am today.

“Dreams don't
work unless
you do.”

   - John C. Maxwell

      One of my favorite quotes when I started pursuing my passion and yet to this day, I still stand by because I wouldn’t have been able to achieve the dream of having my own very first Fashion Show if I didn’t continue to show up to every meetings and rehearsals that we had.

      The opportunity came to me when one of the members from the St. Augustine Fashion Week committee invited me to be one of the designers for the March 2019 Show. STAFW is a North Florida Fashion Show that is held at the oldest city in the United States, St. Augustine, Florida that attracts hundreds to thousands of people from all over the world. In all modesty, I was incredibly honored and astounded that I was even considered to be one of the designers to be a part of STAFW. So, I definitely had doubts such as if I should consider the offer as I’ve had no experience with directing an entire show before nor did I have the complete confidence in delivering a well-deserving show, which would be my very first fashion show. Despite the going back and forth and the overthinking scenarios of what could go wrong or go right. I decided to go full force and just go for it.

      Looking back, I am incredibly happy that I made the decision to agree to do the show because I wouldn’t have met some of the sweetest and most talented groups of people ever. The SS19 Into The Wild Show was a project that truly tested my patience and character because planning and organizing every little thing from the collection designs (which can take months to perfect) to the rhythm of the music to every detail of the hair and makeup look to even something as in-complex as accessories were all  decisions that had to be decided by no one else but me.

            Although it was a very tedious project from the start, I absolutely enjoyed every bit of it and I am actually going to do another show this year, which I am already planning for at the moment. The show was such a memorable experience that I will forever be grateful to have had the opportunity of doing. And I wouldn’t have been able to do it all without the support and dedication of everyone involved such as my models, photographer, sponsors, and the whole STAFW team. Together, we were able to make my first ever Fashion Show a success. I’ve attached their Instagram handles and websites, so please check them out and show them some love. Also, if you want to watch the full video of the show, you can watch it on our Instagram’s IGTV @mahina.swimwear

   by Dae Mongcupa
        (Owner & Designer)

List of Our Crew and Sponsors


Carolina Samani, Jeanette Shock, Emily LaCour, Riley Weech, Azsae Jones, Ashlund Gardner, Bella Dunn, Ellie Porter, Taylor Miller, Stephanie Wong, Ivy Zawatsky, Emily Brown, Sarah Rogers, Sidnie Anthony, Sandy Drezner, Janna Torontali, Logan Reese, Hayley Maxfield, Kyla Kramer


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